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Quality, Hand-Crafted Bespoke Frames
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Artist Stanley Orchart, lived in Great Staughton, Cambridgeshire and was well known for his beautiful portrayals of the English countryside, both using oils and watercolour.

Orchart’s work is displayed around the world both in public and private collections. Stanley Orchart died in 2005

The ownership of his work has been passed down at the request of Stanley Orchart himself to reproduce Limited Edition prints of his work. There are now being sold, with he proceeds going to the NHS. Here we have a small selection of Stanley Orchart prints for sale, either as prints only or mounted and framed.

Due to the subtle tones in much of his work, Stanley Orchart’s prints of Kimboloton High Street, Kimboloton Church and St Neots Riverside have all been framed with a muted double mount and white or ivory frame, which sets his work off beautifully.

Other framing options are available, please ask for details.

The recipient of his copyright is keen to create a long lasting legacy and gallery of Stanley Orchart’s paintings. If you, or someone you know has a watercolour painting by Stanley Orchart, we would love to view it and make a reproduction print. This will be added to the collection, to raise much needed funds for the NHS. In return you will be offered another wonderful watercolour print by Stanley Orchart, free of charge, of your choice from the the ownership’s collection.

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