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Quality, Hand-Crafted Bespoke Frames

Cross-Stitch Framing

When you’ve spent countless hours creating your beautiful croft-stitch or tapestry design, it’s worth having a professional to provide you with cross-stitch framing.   We use traditional lacing methods to secure your cross-stitch or tapestry ready for framing.

Example Of Cross-Stitch Framing In St. Neots
Example Of Cross-Stitch Framing In St. Neots
Cross-stitch Framing St Neots

Mounting your Cross-Stitch for framing

Kate has a great eye for detail and design and we have lots of mount colours and techniques to offer, which will set your needlework off perfectly.  These include single or double mount designs, V-Groove and Pen designs, hand-painted bevels and mount fillets.

Framing your Cross-Stitch

Depending on the needlework fabric you have used and the mounting techniques chosen, standard depth frames may not be deep enough. Here at St. Neots Picture Framing, we have a large selection of suitable frames that are deep enough to accommodate your needlework.

Everything is sealed with framing tape to help prevent dust and bugs entering your artwork.

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