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Football Shirt Framing in St. Neots

Football Shirt Framing can be difficult to do yourself.  When you have an item that’s not only high value in terms on cost, but also has high sentimental and personal value, its always advisable to have your football shirt framing done by a professional framer.

Our top priority is to ensure your valuable item maintains its condition and originality by using hand-sewing techniques to secure your shirt to the board.  No glue is used directly to the shirt, therefore you can feel confident that your item is in safe hands here at St. Neots Picture Framing.

Framed Manchester United Football Shirt
Framed Manchester United Football Shirt
Framed Man Utd Football Shirt
Football Shirt Framing Cambridgeshire
Framed Shearer Football Shirt
Framed Boys Rugby Shirt
Football Shirt Framed

Signed Sports Football Shirts

When you have sports or football shirt that has been signed, it’s important to be able to see the signatures, therefore how we layout your shirt will depend on these important parts.  Sleeves can be shown or tucked behind and this will also depend on where the signatures are placed.  We can discuss all of this when you come to choose your frame and mount colours.

Add Photographs and Items to your Football Shirt Framing

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to custom framing for football and sports shirts. The size and the shape will largely depend on the item to be framed; the considerations we need to make visually and practically.  You may also prefer to add other items or photographs in with your shirt.

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