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Quality, Hand-Crafted Bespoke Frames

Painting Framing in Cambridgeshire

The different types of paint or ‘media’ used pictures and paintings means there will be a different approach to how we frame your artwork. Considerations for a watercolour painting will be different to an oil painting picture.  We need to consider everything when discussing your painting and picture framing because we need to ensure the preservation of your artwork.

Framed Picture
Framed Picture
Framed Painting On Canvas Board
Picture Framing
Framed Picture
Oriental Picture Framing
Framed Painting
Framed Watercolour Painting
Framed Print

Oil Painting Framing

With oil paintings, generally and traditionally there is no glass.  If you decide that you would like glass added for the framing of your oil painting, we would need to ensure that the glass does not touch the artwork.  This is because the artwork can damage over time if placed directly behind glass.  We can prevent this by using a variety of techniques using mounting and spacers.

Framing for Watercolour Painting

Even if the artist has stretched their watercolour colour paper, sometimes the artwork can still be quite ‘bumpy’.  In order to flatten this out, we can used a process called ‘dry-mounting’, however this will depend on the age and value of the artwork.

Some watercolour paper has a deckled edge to it, which people find attractive.  We can ‘float-mount’ your watercolour to ensure this is seen rather than hidden behind mount.  There is also a variety of mounting techniques to hide the edges and create sharp, clean lines.

Print and Picture Framing

Artists prints and ‘Limited Edition Prints’ come in all different sizes and subjects so it’s important for us to have a large variety of framing choice. We have to consider many different factors, including the colour palate within the artwork itself, the style and the age or era of the artwork so that the framing is within keeping with the artwork.  Your own personal style preferences and tastes are also important along with where you might be hanging your artwork, so all these questions will allow us to frame your prints perfectly.

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