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Memorabilia Framing – St Neots, Cambridgeshire

Memorabilia Framing is a specialist craft and need to be handled with care because the items are probably hold high sentimental value to you.  Here at St. Neots Picture Framing, we have plenty if different ideas and techniques to help you with your memorabilia framing so it looks great!

Memorabilia Framing; what does this include?

Sometimes framing can be tricky because objects and items come in all shapes and sizes.  There is often a lot involved, with problems and challenges to solve!  Depending on the item, object or memorabilia you want framing, attaching these safely and securely will vary from item to item. Memorabilia Framing can be extremely artistic and we can really showcase different framing techniques, use different mounting colours and frames to set your object off to the very best.  So what objects and memorabilia can be framed?  Well, the list is endless, we just need to make sure it’s practically possible!

Football Shirt Framing

Items such as sports and football shirt framing are popular, especially when they are signed football shirts.  Often, people want other objects or photographs included in with their frame.  This is not a problem, we can discuss exactly what you want.

Medal Framing

Medal Framing is a very popular way of not only preserving valuable medals, but also showcasing the achievements of you or your loved ones.  When we think about medal framing, we tend to thing war medals, but this is not the only sort of medals that are worthy of framing.  You may have run a marathon, taken part of a sporting challenge, raised money for a charity or received a medal from work. These are all accomplishments that would be great to frame and keep as a reminder.

Framing Baby Clothes

Sometimes there are sentimental items of clothing you’d like to keep but don’t want to put them away in a drawer or cupboard.  Framing such items are a great way to create your own artwork for your home that not only look great, they also add personal touch,  creating memories for you to treasure!

Jigsaw Puzzle Framing – St. Neots

Some jigsaw puzzles are hold sentimental value so its worth having it framed after all the hours putting it all together!  Here at St Neots Picture Framing, we have a large selection of frames and mounts to choose from.  There are various methods of securing your jigsaw, which we will go through with you!

Framed Jigsaw Puzzle
Framed Jigsaw Puzzle
Jigsaw Puzzle Framed

Vinyl Record Framing

Vinyl record frames are a popular way of displaying memorabilia in an artistic way.  Why not treat yourself to having your vinyl record framed professional for you?  We can frame your record and sleeve using a variety of different mounting and framing methods which will complement your memorabilia and really make a statement art piece for for wall!

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Vinyl Record Frame
Vinyl Record Frame
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