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Canvas Stretching St. Neots

Here at St. Neots Picture Framing, we can customise the framing of your canvas artwork in a number of different ways. With canvas stretching, the technique used will be determined by a number of factors, including the age of the canvas, its value (both monetary and sentimental) and the physical limitations of the canvas artwork (condition, size etc).

Panoramic Canvas Stretching St Neots
Panoramic Canvas Stretching St Neots
Canvas Stretching St Neots

Here at St. Neots Picture Framing, we can:

  • Print your own images to canvas and stretch
  • Stretch your existing artwork on canvas to stretcher bars
  • Stretch and frame canvas artwork
  • Dry-mount and frame canvas artwork

Print Images to Canvas in St. Neots

If you have a photograph printed to canvas, we can help you because St. Neots Picture Framing is located within Honeycomb Photography.

There are many factors to consider, such as the shape of the canvas and size and quality of the image, but is there enough room to wrap around the stretcher bars?  We need to ask questions because we need to slightly tweak your image digitally in order to fit best.  So, it may be that having your canvas stretched and framed, or alternatively, dry-mounted and framed, could be a better option for you.

In order to provide you with the best advise we’d need to see the image first because we can then see the size and proportions we are dealing with.  You can send us your image via email to and we can take a look for you!

Canvas Stretching your Artwork in St. Neots

We stretch artwork on canvas using different techniques because there is not a one-size fits all solution when it comes to framing artwork.  We need to determine factors such as the quality of the canvas and its size.  The image monetary and sentimental value of the artwork is also important because we want to preserve and keep you canvas artwork in the best condition we can. Please call us on 01480 215291 to arrange a time to come with your canvas artwork and discuss your options with Kate, our bespoke framer and canvas stretching guru.

Canvas Stretching & Framing  – St. Neots

Sometimes it is more appropriate to stretch and frame canvas artwork because there may be a lack of spare canvas at the sides.  You may also prefer to have your canvas framed for aesthetic purposes.

Framing existing Canvas Artwork

You might have artwork already stretched to canvas bars and would like it framed or re-framed. Perhaps you have artwork on canvas board rather that on stretcher bars?  We would tackle this approach to framing in a different way because there are various other techniques to make your canvas looking great when framed!

Again, we would need to see your artwork on canvas to determine the options available for you. One thing that we’d need to consider is the depth of the canvas bars and the depth of the frame – this is something we can discuss during a ‘no-obligation’ consultation here at the studio (Honeycomb Photography, The Studio, Church Walk, St. Neots)

To arrange an appointment, please call us on 01480 215291 or email Kate

Dry-Mount & Frame Canvas Artwork

There are occasions when the technique of dry-mounting (a form of sticking your canvas down to board) might be the best option for you. There are many reasons why this might be a better alternative to stretching your canvas on traditional stretcher bars. However, because we wan’t to preserve your artwork as much as possible, there are also many reasons why this will not be suitable.  We need to consider the condition and age of your canvas artwork so that it does not get damaged. The monetary value and the sentimental value of your artwork is also important and also the media used on your artwork because some media cannot be used under heat and/ or a press.

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